Summary of Learning

Last blog post of EC&I830

I learned A LOT this semester. Our group worked throughout the semester to note key learnings. When we met to actually put together the final product we had much more than we needed. We needed to pick the most important aspects and try to showcase them in the best way possible. For our debate, we used iMovie and wanted to try to something different for our summary of learning. We chose Adobe spark. We had some challenges with recording and saving but little problems are to be expected with technology. I am very proud of our final product as I think it does a good job of showcasing the most important concepts of the semester.

Please check out our Summary of Learning! 

The main thing I took away from the course is that we as teachers need to prepare our students for their future by helping them build a positive digital identity and become smart digital citizens.

Have a great summer Alec & fellow EC&I830 colleagues!


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